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Frequently asked questions

Our schools are "state-approved alternative schools". This means that we teach according to the Saxon curriculum and therefore the students also take the same state examination as all other high school students in Saxony.

They distract from the lesson. During the break, children should communicate with each other or relax and not play on their cell phones.

If contact is necessary, the telephone in the secretary's office is available or a teacher can be contacted.

Our school offers all-day care until 4 p.m., whereby grades 5, 6 and 7 are cared for in the afternoon area of the school or they choose a study group from the wide range of activities on offer.

Textbooks can be borrowed for a small fee.

In grades 5-12, the class teacher has one class leader lesson per week to discuss organizational matters.

Cancel it by phone before the first class and also remember to cancel the meal. A written excuse must be submitted.

Everyone is responsible for catching up on missed material. It is best to assign a reliable classmate to act as a facilitator. For more extensive absences, transcripts can also be copied at school.

Once a week there will be a make-up appointment for missed work. The students attend the appointment following the end of the sick period on their own. If more than one assignment needs to be made up, the dates must be arranged individually with the relevant subject teacher.

Up to three days of illness, a written excuse from the parent or guardian must be submitted. If the illness lasts longer than three days, a sick bill from the doctor. Deviations from this rule, e.g. in case of frequent absences, may be decided by the class teacher. In the case of announced performance measurements, a sick bill is required from the first day.

Yes, because children need exercise and also want it. Besides, fresh air is good for them and breakfast tastes better. In case of very bad weather conditions, it is possible to stay in the school club or foyer.

Usually 30 minutes, this is varied according to the lunch offer, as we have a rhythmized start of the hour.
Yes, a locker can be rented at the school where work materials that are not needed all the time can be deposited. In consultation with the subject teachers, it is also possible to store books in the subject room.
Every student should be involved in extracurricular activities. We make a great many offers for this purpose. Participation in remedial classes and/or homework supervision is also part of the all-day offerings. After registration, participation is compulsory. Your child will only be excused from school in exceptional cases and with prior written excuse from the parents.

No change is planned in the current school year, as the participant capacities per GTA are limited. In exceptional cases, it is possible to change after prior consultation with the GTA leader of the GTA attended or the leader of the planned GTA. However, the change must be confirmed once again in writing in the secretary's office with an informal letter.

This is always at the discretion of the teacher. Generally, homework is done in the after-school care center. However, there is also long-term homework such as creating posters, learning poetry or preparing lectures, which of course must be done together with the parents at home. The same applies to learning before larger class tests.

The evaluation scale is uniform for the SIS schools and is based on the provisions of the school regulations in Saxony. It can be viewed at the subject teacher or is handed out by the class teacher.

The basis for awarding the head grades (conduct, diligence, cooperation, order) is the regulation of the Saxon State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs on grammar schools in the Free State of Saxony. Each subject teacher enters his or her suggestion, the grading conference then discusses disputes, and then the head grades are determined.

Collection can only take place after the official issue date and by prior arrangement in the secretary's office.

There are several possibilities, e.g. membership in the school support association, support at festivals and celebrations, assistance with work assignments, through monetary or material donations or with your own creative ideas.

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